Second to none in amateur musician training, Camp Jam is the premiere music camp for teenage musicians, offering a variety of high-energy, exciting, professional learning experiences.

At Camp Jam, dedicated musicians ages 11-17 are put through the most inspirational, educational, and intensive programs of their young careers.  Over the last 9 years, Camp Jam has perfected the art of teen musician training, while providing a highly focused, fun, learning environment.

Our professional instructors provide the guidance, development, and refinement necessary to foster essential fundamental growth and development.  During the sessions, our students are given the once in a lifetime opportunity to be a professional musician in which they will gain hands-on technical experience in critical areas such as digital-audio recording, song-writing, and on-stage performance as well as develop an understanding of the determination and dedication it takes to succeed in the music industry today.

Our educational programs will not only improve fundamental skills and teach breakthrough concepts, but provide our teenage musicians with an exciting, unforgettable, highly educational experience.  Whether it's pop or punk, metal or blues, Camp Jam provides not only the essential technical training and fundamental knowledge inherently necessary for success, but the greatest, most inspirational experience of an aspiring musician's lifetime.

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